Spec home construction financing for investors and builders

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Highly competitive bank financing for residential development and construction. Operating in multiple states (CO, MA, NC, TN, UT and WA). Other states also considered.
We can finance the purchase of land, horizontal development (roads, lights and underground work) and vertical development (construction of residences). We can finance all or part of your residential project.
We fund the development and/or construction of single family homes, town homes, duplexes, condos and apartments.

The lender requirements:

Borrower must fund 20% of the costs.
For example, if the purchase of the land, horizontal development and construction cost 3 million, the borrower must have 600k equity in the deal (cash or the lot).

Loan amount will not exceed 60% of the finished value.
So if the homes, condos or apartments appraised for $4,000,000 then the max loan provided will be $2,400,000. It is possible to add in an interest reserve and mandatory 10% development/construction reserve if load amount remains under 60%

Borrowing team should consist of or hire a developer, builder and a money person (rich guy).

The loan terms:

Loan term up to 24 months.

Rates currently around 6.5% (about ½% monthly based upon amount withdrawn to date)

Points start at 1 1/8 for a 12 month loan. Longer term loans have slightly higher rates.

If you can come up with the equity requirement and make the monthly interest only payments, here’s your chance for low cost financing and the opportunity for significant profits on multiple builds.

We provide builder and investor loans for speculative residential development and construction. We have several attractive options for you in this small niche. Please complete the form now.